terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009


"In my mind there´s something that i can´t explain,

one day i will be able to explain that dream where you are the star,

where you are the one who i really remember on the next day,

i forgot all the rest of the dream with you,

but you i can´t forgot,

i don´t know whyi feel afraid of talk to you sometimes

i don´t know why, i don´t know the reason,

but for you my heart beats faster,my hands sheaking,

and you are just so close but so far way from me,

is the part of the world, like someone´s who even like us a litle,

one day that will be our reason to love or hate,

to be greatful or not,but don´t metter what happens

every nigth i dream with only one person you,

and the really reason of this i´ll figure out someday"

Lucas Alexandre

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